1.  A:如果您還記得當時辦卡留下的電話號碼與姓名,可以告知鉦藝廊店員核對您的會員卡資訊, 無誤後就可以正常使用會員服務。 

2.  Q:會員卡可以在哪些店打折?


3.  Q: 會員卡有有效期嗎?

    A: 會員卡沒有有效期。

1.    Q:If I forget to take the VIP card, how do I do? 

       A:VIP can easily check out the VIP number by the registered mobile number or full name in the system.

2.    Q:Where can I enjoy the VIP discount? 

       A:VIP customers can enjoy discount on regular priced items at Zenlifestore Xinle Lu shop & Zenlifestore Xintiandi shop.

3.    Q:Does the VIP card have a period of validity?

       A:No expired date.